The ‘Bornes' To Fly race combines paragliding and hiking, In the same vein as the famous X-Alps. A three-day race with two bivouacs in the heart of nature. The itinerary (between 100 to 250 Km) will be determined by the Event Director according to the weather forecast. It will take the pilots across the most beautiful scenery of Haute Savoie. There is only one certainty, vous partirez à pied de la plage d’Angon, au bord du lac d’Annecy, to come back there three days later.

Every participant will move forward accoring to his or her own physical capacity and technical skills or simply based on personal desire.

You want sport and adventure ? The Bornes to Fly was thought and organized for you.

The rules

– Flying or hiking only, in an Alpine environment.
– The route will be defined on the day of departure and could bring the pilots to fly over the Bornes massif then, depending on weather conditions, Aravis, Bauges, Beaufort, Chablais or Mont Blanc massif.
– Mandatory rest during the night.
– Dates : From 27 to 29 of May 2022.
– Follow the race on the website (Live Tracking).

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You always dreamed of it ? Go for it with the Bornes To Fly. Indeed, you do not need to be a champion to be able to come and play, just dreaming of adventure, loving challenges and to be passionate about the mountains..