Interview de Lara MAUGUIN, President of Gaz'Ailes Lake – Club organizer Terminals To Fly

Lara, you're president of the club Gaz'Ailes Lake for several years. What is the origin of the club ?

FFVL imposing join a club associations when making license, several schools in the area have created their own club. This is the case of Free Flight paragliding school run today by Didier Goujon.

It is in this school "Not like the other" I followed my parapentesque curriculum. One of the specialties of the school was the flight-rando. You go up the mountain with your gear on your back, en haut, tu contemples « Hoooooooo c’est beauuuuu !! », you spread your glider and you peeled for a quiet flight to the bottom. Inevitably, the club Gaz'Ailes Lake followed the same path … de rando.


How are you today ? What do you offer in the club ?

Today the club has about. 50 members and works with a core and a good twenty active members who live more or less far Annecy …. on a même 1 Belgian assets, Fried Volante his nickname !

Activities revolve mainly around the vol-hike we practice throughout the year if conditions permit. Some weekends are organized during the season, some official, other organized at the last minute, Cheers SMS and FaceDeBouc !!

We are establishing an annual day emergency Folding and have invested in two seaters history to fly family and friends who pass in the corner,,fr,Several members have passed their qualifying,,fr,tandem,,fr,the Terminals To Fly for this sixth edition,,fr,It took still another evening to find the name of the event,,fr,goals for this sixth edition of Terminals To Fly,,fr,The same compet,,fr,but still better,,fr. Plusieurs adhérents ont passé leur qualif’ Biplace.

A little group of "Cross'Air" is in the ascendant !


… and competition in all this !?

The club organizes several years a compet 'B… it is a matter that runs well when the weather does not crash and we of course, le Bornes To Fly pour cette sixième édition !!

This competition Hike and Fly germinated in the brain of our friend and Gaz'Ailes, Bertrand CHOL…. we do this more ! We talked about between 2 beers in a weekend next to Samoens.

We found an excellent idea and already had experience of the organization through the compet 'B therefore FIRE !! Il a fallu quand même une autre soirée pour trouver le nom de l’épreuve. We have motivated the troops, recruited some savvy planfaitards and The Terminals to Fly is born !!


… objectifs pour cette sixième édition du Bornes To Fly ?

La même compet’ mais toujours en mieux !!

Nous conservons environ nos 50 teams for logistical and organizational reasons. In cumulant, all drivers, passengers, assistants, guests and sponsors, we must manage approx 140 people… it's work !

We have set up a website developed by Antoine de THERY Pure Illusion.

Nous travaillons à structurer la couverture médiatique durant ces 3 jours en mettant en place des voitures suiveuses avec des équipes de choc, the crème de la crème of parapentesque journalism corner !

We organize an evening Support'Air through Great Outdoors and Passengers Wind .

The award ceremony will take place on the beach in Talloires, lieu splendide pour clôturer cette énième édition et mis à notre disposition par la mairie de Talloires!!

Anyway, 3 Critical days ahead for Gaz'Ailes Lake and a BIG thank you to all our sponsors !!