BTF 2016 Jour 3-73

Thank you to read CAREFULLY the following before starting your registration.

*** Click HERE to read in English ***

STEP 1 :
Fill in all the fields of the form that appears once you click the ONLINE REGISTRATION button. If you need, click on the button for translation in English of field names.

STEP 2 :
Pay the registration fees by credit card VISA / MASTERCARD. For any issue, send a email to

STEP 3 :
After payment, , a message will appear with a link to the registration document you need to download. You should also receive the same message and link by email at the address you provided in the form.

STEP 4 :
Gather all the following mandatory documents for your registration :
– Pilot license (FAI or national)
– Certificate of third party liability insurance for aerial sports valid for 2022
– Advanced Pilot certificate or IPPI certificate level 5
– Medical certificate dated less than 1 year stating that "the person has no contraindications to the practice of paragliding and hiking in the mountains in competition 3 days
3 photos ((preferably in landscape format)) : : ideally, , 1 picture of the pilot, , 1 picture in flight and 1 team picture (pilot + assistant)
– Registration form and terms and conditions dated and signed (the document you have downloaded after registering online)
For tandem participants :
– Tandem certificate for the pilot
– Certificate of third party liability insurance for aerial sports valid for tandem flight
– Medical certificate BOTH for pilot and passenger

STEP 5 :
Send all your documents by email within 10 days at Your participation will be validated after receiving all the requested documents.

A reception of all your documents, a confirmation email will be sent to you.


3 … 2 … 1 … GO !!